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Home Inspections and Maintenance Planning Making You a Happy Homeowner

Home ready for home inspection

Protect Your Largest Investment - Your Home

Your home is likely the  largest purchase of your life. Let's face it, no home is perfect, but are you getting what you're paying for? And, do you have a plan to maintain your home's value?


A costly repair shortly after you move it could leave you with a financial burden. A home inspection reduces that risk and provides you with a roadmap for home maintenance.



Pre Purchase


Before you seal the deal,  know what you are paying for. 


A pre-purchase home inspection is essential so you know exactly what you are getting.


Maintenance Planning

It's your home - own it.


Stay on top of home maintenance and realise financial benefit: lower energy bills, fewer surprise repairs, and higher offers when you sell.





Let buyers know they can trust you. Have your home inspected before you list it.


Having full disclosure takes out the guesswork, makes negotiation easier, and reduces your liability after the deal is closed.

Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to creating happy homeowners by teaching and informing  our clients on how to maintain their home.


“Calgary based home inspectors Kerry & Mike (Oxford Inspections Inc.) are extremely thorough, professional and passionate about their work.
We had two homes inspected with them. The inspection reports we received where extremely detailed with fantastic references and easy to digest summaries. They also included many supporting images.I highly recommend Oxford Inspections Inc.” 

Practice Preventative Maintenance

Let us help you today.

What Businesses know that could save homeowners thousands

Businesses manage buildings with preventative maintenance plans because it saves money:

Equipment is out of service less often

Service life is extended
Risk of unexpected repairs is reduced

So why don't we apply this to our home?

The fact is, most home owners don't pay attention to the condition of their home. We all just expect things to work. This costs us a lot of extra money in unexpected repairs and creates stress. By applying what businesses do to our homes we can save thousands of dollars. That sounds nice, right?

That's why We've partnered with Nurture my Home!

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