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How much do you charge?

Pre-Purchase inspections are dependent on the size and complexity of the property, but in most cases, we charge $500.00 + GST


How long does it take?

It typically takes our inspector four hours to complete an inspection. The time required varies by the number of conditions we find and report on.

Need a faster service? We can send two inspectors - contact us for details.

How do I book my inspection?

The quickest way to book is through our easy online booking system. The online booking system provides you:


  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Available appointment days and times

  • Pricing

  •  Secure booking directly into our inspection management software (this is not just an online form)


 If you cannot access the online booking system or you prefer another method,  we are happy to help you book by phone, email or text.

Can you tell me if my house passes code?

While property inspectors are familiar with code, our primary focus is on conditions that occur due to damage, defects, or deterioration. Conditions may be as a result of a code violation, but in most cases the component would have met code requirements at the time it was built/installed.


Why do you provide your report 24 hours after the inspection?

While our inspectors use technology to actively complete the report while conducting the inspection, we sometimes need extra time to provide information on unusual conditions or installations. If time is tight, please let us know when you book and we will accommodate you.

The report contains more recommendations than were discussed during the inspection, why didn't the inspector mention the other items?

At the end of your inspection, your inspector will summarize their findings and highlight conditions they believe could impact your decision to continue with the purchase. Conditions your inspector does not bring up are, in the inspectors opinion, normal maintenance for the home and not something they think should be a factor in your decision. We encourage you to read the full report before waiving conditions, and decide if any additional defects would truly be deal breakers. Remember, no home is perfect.


I’ve seen inspections advertised for $300 why do you charge $500?

As with any service, there are variations in price, and with that variations in service. Oxford Inspections always includes:


1. Thermal imaging

2. Buyback guarantee

3. Homebinder Subscription

4. Follow-up Visit on Possession


Do you inspect on the weekend?

We do. Our online booking system shows our available appointments - just click “Book Now” and follow the prompts.

I have a tight time limit and your calendar doesn't show an available appointment, can you help me?

While we encourage you to choose from available appointments, we can generally accommodate short notice requests. Please call or text if you need assistance


Can you perform a condo inspection?

We are pleased to provide condo inspections limited to the conditions within your unit. We cannot inspect the property in general as part of a condo inspection.


How often do you find big problems during an inspection?

While it is not unheard of, serious defects or damage are not common in homes in the Calgary area. If we find a serious defect or damage, we will let you know before we leave the property.

Do you perform mold or radon testing?

We do not perform testing for dangerous or toxic substances. In Alberta, there are standards for performing these specialized tests so they should always be performed by qualified environmental professionals. If you require this type of service, we would be happy to refer you.


Do you inspect wells or septic systems?

We do not perform well tests or comprehensive inspections of septic systems. These critical components of a rural property should be fully inspected by qualified specialists. We can provide a general description of our observations of the visible components of a septic system such as the location and observable condition of the septic field, but we encourage you to hire a septic company to perform a full inspection and provide a history of the system if possible.


Can I attend the inspection?

Clients are always welcome to attend an inspection. Most of the time we are walking around the house looking at and describing conditions. If you don’t want to wait around while we inspect, we recommend coming near the end. Once our inspector is finished, they will provide you with a verbal summary and answer any questions you may have.


Do you provide a warranty on the condition of the home?

It is not possible to provide a warranty as our work relates to the conditions found at the time of the inspection (conditions can rapidly change).


We DO provide a 90-day guarantee: if we miss a significant defect related to our standards of practice that results in you being unable to move in, our association (InterNACHI) will buy your house for what you paid.


Can you give an estimate for cost of repairs/renovations?

Alberta law restricts property inspectors from providing cost estimates. This is to prevent conflict of interest. While we can’t provide cost estimates, we do provide tools and resources to assist you in obtaining estimates.


Can you perform repairs for any defects you note in the report?

Our code of ethics states that we will not perform repairs or renovations on any property we inspect for a period of 12 months. While we have experience with home maintenance and renovations, our superpower is inspection and maintenance planning. We would be pleased to provide a recommendation to a local service provider who can take care of your needs.

Let us help you today.

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