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Learn About Real Estate Investment Without The Pushy Sales Pitch

10 Tips to Increase Your Rental Property Profits (Panel Discussion)

Sometimes even a small shift in your thinking, your strategy, or your approach can make a significant difference in your long term results. Our first presentation will be a great variety of tips, tricks and ideas to help you make small adjustments with your rental properties that can really add up over time.

Experienced real estate investors will share real life examples of how to reduce costs, increase cashflow, generate higher profits when selling, and even how to retain more of the profits with straightforward and effective tax planning strategies.

Buying an Occupied Property (& Assuming Tenants)

While building a real estate portfolio, there will inevitably be a situation where a great property becomes available to purchase - but tenant rights prevent the possibility for a quick sale and a clean, vacant possession. So what are your options when you buy a tenanted property?

Our feature presentation will focus on multiple components and extremely important details when purchasing a tenanted property.

This presentation will include: - Should you keep the tenants in place or evict them quickly?

- How to deal with security deposits and existing lease agreements

- Special conditions and terms to include in your offer to purchase the property

- Tenant screening on existing tenantsAnd more!


Register for This Free Event and join us on September 18th! Collaborate Real Estate events are always well attended and focused on creating a community of like-minded people with similar goals.


Collaborate Real Estate is an Alberta based organization focused on providing cost-effective access to information, resources and contacts to assist with residential real estate investments in Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

We have assembled an experienced team of local real estate professionals and service providers to assist real estate investors with nearly every component of the investment process. Offering access to assistance with everything from renovations to financing, property selection to tenant management, our goal is to assist real estate investors with all levels of experience an opportunity to expand their networks and improve their success.

Oxford Inspections is a founding member and regular contributor in Collaborate Real Estate.

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